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The talent and the best professionals could be anywhere in the world. Our mission is to find them for you.

What differentiates us from other companies? The people who are part of it. A global world requires international contracting solutions, so at Researcheng we offer a tailor made and fully specialized service for your business.

We are experts in International recruitment solutions in different specialized sectors. We take advantage of our experience to work in companies of those industries in a relation of trust and transparency.

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Researcheng offers personalized international recruitment solutions, what are your needs? We combine extensive knowledge of the industries and work with and a wide geographic reach. Thanks to our network of contacts and our specialization in international projects.

About us

We provide a wide range of services, from temporary jobs to outsourcing processes and RPOs. Always focused on working as partners with our clients to help them achieve their goals in each country and project in which they are involved.

Our solutions

We get the best professionals in the market for your business. We engage with our clients to know perfectly their needs, helping them to find the best option in the market. We act as a hybrid consultant service using headhunting and proactive search methods to assure the maximum quality and flexibility in each project.

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Thanks to the passion, detail and commitment we work with, we can help companies achieve success with the help of the best candidates in the market. We always seek to create a win-win relationship that guarantees the success of collaborations and consolidate quality professional relationships.

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We introduce
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on the market.

Worldwide Recruitment solutions

At ResearchEng we provide International Recruitment Solutions. Our team can offer our expertise to define the talent search strategy more suited to your needs.

Leadership search and selection

Leadership search and selection focused on executive positions. We attract the very best for these key roles. Selection of executive profiles with a remarkable trajectory in a specific sector.

Engineering Process Outsourcing (EPO)

ResearchEng specializes in the engineering process outsourcing. Our outsourced programs are heavily focused on deliverables and timelines to manage our customers’ expectations.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO is a type of offshoring. A consultant would work side by side with you from your offices. Our flexible solutions provide you with the talent you need when you need it most.

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