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ResearchEng is an independent boutique company, offering specialized international hiring solutions for companies around the world.

Operating as a boutique company in the international contracting sector means that every detail is studied and worked with maximum detail and effort.

Our best guarantee of success is to build lasting relationships with our customers, becoming strategic partners of our business.

Our main value for the companies we work with is to find leaders in their sector, and thus help our clients achieve their goals, even surpassing their expectations.

We're Creative

Our methodology is based on continuous improvement and the search for new solutions to the challenges of your business.

We're Punctual

One of our most valued premises is to work in time-on budget, always respecting the deadlines and adjusting to the budget.

We're committed

In researcheng we commit. We work hand in hand with companies and candidates establishing a close relationship.

We like people

Our business is based on people, so we know how to treat companies and candidates to create a win-win experience.

/ Continual improvement

We continually update our methodology to adopt best practices and manage the cultural and specific differences of each sector and client.

/ Our focus

We know very well the industries and sectors with which we work, so we can guarantee the best practices, reducing the times and maintaining a high quality.

We want to be something more than international contracting consultants; we want to be an extension of your business. We work closely with our clients to know their needs first hand. We can say that we work with them, rather than for them.

Throughout our years of work we have been establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients, thanks to the professionalism and our commitment to always go one step beyond expectations.

At ResearchEng we are dedicated to identifying which are the most relevant professionals in your market, and we are proud of the quality of our services.

/ Confidence

Finding the professional profile that best suits your needs is the cornerstone of our approach, and for this we combine our knowledge in highly specialized markets and a wide geographical area.


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